Supply Chain Simulation

The purpose of the SCOREKEEPER simulation is to do just that: simulate your supply chain at a highly detailed level of daily activities and keep score of what happens. In this manner, you are led to previously unavailable insights of what happens when you actually run your proposed supply chain advance of actually doing so. It is the perfect analytical companion to the SAILS network optimizer.

SAILS SCOREKEEPER features include:

  • Simulation of complete supply chain operations, including procurement, manufacturing, and finished goods distribution at a daily level of detail
  • Complete, seamless integration into the SAILS system, including database, user interface and output reports and graphics
  • Extremely high performance, even for very large supply chains
  • Ability to simulate either current supply chain ("baseline") or the result of any SAILS optimization exercise with auto communication of either solution to the simulation
  • Processing of individual customer orders at a ship-to customer and line-item level of detail
  • Customer order prioritization options
  • Extensive order processing options, including 12 policy choices for handling stock-outs
  • Detailed inventory control policy options
  • Extensive demand forecasting options, from naïve to sophisticated
  • Automatic or user-controlled production planning and scheduling
  • Elaborate transportation shipment planning and dispatching options, including
    • Multiple dispatch triggers
    • Extensive shipment consolidation options
    • Optional ability to include customer, replenishment and transfer shipments in the same dispatch
    • Detailed shipment rater capable of accepting any mix of mode types
    • Optional replenishment and facility transfer shipment "filler" logic, which enables the user to assess the impacts on inventory and customer service when priority is given to full load shipments
    • Daily invocation of the most powerful optimization-based shipment planning and dispatching algorithm ever developed, capable of discovering important opportunities for shipment consolidation












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