Custom Applications

INSIGHT offers a selection of "standard" products designed to provide complete solutions for the most marketable applications. As such, these products are implemented to appeal to a wide range of clients and projects within the scope of the individual application.

Given the effort required to develop, field, and support such standard products, their number is necessarily limited. So, when projects arise outside the scope of INSIGHT's existing product line, a custom project is recommended. Such custom products can be tailored to the client's specific needs, budget, and timelines and bring to bear leading edge operations research and optimization techniques. INSIGHT typically reserves the right to market these custom efforts to other clients and to ultimately create a standard product based on the work. Thus, the custom projects not only help valued customers but also serve as research and development platforms for future products, techniques, and tools.

INSIGHT is ideally positioned to offer a wide range of custom projects by virtue of the extraordinary depth and breath of the staff's experience and skills. Over time, INSIGHT has created a custom projects capability that can implement a full range of logistic offerings utilizing optimization and simulation tools and techniques.

Typically built around INSIGHT's proprietary optimization engine, the X-System, custom can be delivered in several "flavors":

  •  "Black Box" solver with the client supplying the rest of the system
  • Complete systems with GUI/DB/Solver
    • Desktop/Standalone
    • Web-enabled
      • Client hosted
      • INSIGHT hosted 
    • Combination

In each case, documentation, installation packages, and support is provided to some degree (but typically not as "polished" as for a "standard" product).

INSIGHT uses a phased approach to develop, maintain, enhance, and support a custom project.

  • Phase "0": determine requirements and develop proposal for prototype and implementation phases,
  • Phase "1": prototype,
  • Phase "2": implementation,
  • Phase "3": maintenance, enhancements, and support.

In this manner, technical risk is minimized for the client as the Phase 0 report will completely describe the proposed model and implementation to include resources required, timing, and costs.


Production planning and scheduling

  • Line scheduling: optimal plant line schedule
  • Plant operations simulation: simulate the operation of a plant by modeling the scheduling/planning process and the production/packaging process
  • Production planning: master production planning
  • Raw materials scheduling: optimal schedule for raw materials to support a plant line schedule


  • Bulk liquid dispatching: schedule bulk liquid deliveries.
  • Marine operations scheduling: schedule a fleet of coastal tankers and barges transporting liquid bulk products among plants, distribution centers (DCs), and industrial customers.
  • Transportation capacity planning: facilitate generation of vehicle routes and assignments.
  • Stock deployment system: plan stock deployment by converting stock movement requirements to actual shipments.
  • Store delivery model: replenishment plan for retail stores serviced from a single, common distribution center.





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