For over 35 years, INSIGHT has designed and supported hundreds of supply chain design projects across a variety of industries for the world’s foremost companies. Our supply chain consultants are thought leaders in management science, information systems, and logistics with years of experience at INSIGHT and in many of the world’s finest consulting organizations. These supply chain experts have had a broad exposure to a full spectrum of industries and business issues, such as preparing your supply chain to beat the competition, mitigate risk, meet sustainability goals, and more.
INSIGHT provides flexible options for selecting the right amount of expert support. Whether you use your own internal resources, our supply chain experts, or a combination of both, we provide the expert skills and necessary support needed for project success.

INSIGHT can work with your organization to provide a complete end-to-end supply chain solution, create an internal core competency among your supply chain team, or supplement your internal supply chain resources.

During the delivery of a complete supply chain solution, the INSIGHT team will be responsible for all major elements of the engagement, including data collection, data analysis, model building, analysis and recommendation of results. Through our core competency services offering, we transfer knowledge to you and increase understanding, shortening the learning curve and enabling you to quickly become proficient in network optimization modeling.

The INSIGHT team works side by side with your internal resources during the entire engagement process. Depending on the project timing, your team's learning styles, and your internal resource availability, we create a customized implementation plan addressing how our teams will work together for project success.


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